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Some of the Products & Services we Offer:

Spam Filtering and Control
Being bombarded by unsuitable e-mails? Can’t find the real mail amongst the junk? Let us install a solution that will let you be productive again.

Virus / Spyware Removal and Prevention
We can clean your system and offer you complementary training and tips while we’re in your home to help keep your computer clean and free of that pesky spyware and malware.

Secure Wireless Networking 802.11 a to z
Is your wireless network secure? Are your sure? Be 100% that no one is using your wireless network to surf for questionable or illegal content. It can and has happened. Contact us for a full wireless security audit.

Wired Ethernet Networks 10/100/1000Mbps
Plaster Walls and Steel Framing can hinder wireless networks. Our Ethernet installations give you security and blazing fast file transfers ideal for stationary computers and workstations.

High Speed Internet Installation / Repair / Sharing
Still having troubles getting all of your favourite internet programs to work behind that new router? Call us! We’ll have your download speeds up in no time!

Personal or Workgroup Training
Are your computers getting infected from false e-mails? We can teach your employees how to identify a good e-mail from a bad one and how to deal with it. A small investment in internet training will save you the cost of system repairs.

Pre-Purchase Consulting
Are you about to make a large purchase? Don’t subject yourself to buyer’s remorse. Whether it is a computer, digital camera, printer, dvd player or television, we can inform you of the details and differences of all things electronic. LCD Projection, DLP Projection, CRT, CRT Projection, LCD, Plasma – It’s a television acronym jungle out there! We know what it all means and what is best for you.

Secure Data Backups and Recovery
All too often important and critical data is not backed up properly. Even daily backups can result in the loss of data! PC Rescue can offer real-time redundant data storage solutions that will ensure that your company will not suffer from downtime or lost revenue due to poor data storage. The importance of redundant storage is only realized after catastrophic loss of data and business. Invest in your business. Invest in a PC Rescue storage solution.

Additional Cable TV, Satellite, or Telephone Jack Installation and Repair
We can prepare your new home for telephone and television services by running RG6 Coax and Cat5e or Cat6 cables. We can also extend the range of existing services within your current home by installing and terminating new wires to a previously un-serviced room. We can also fix any loose or bad coax connectors and phone jacks within your home.

Child-Safe Internet Filtering and Monitoring
Not enough time to watch over the kids while they surf? Take control and install content filtering between your children and the internet. Protect your children from online predators and identify cyber-bullying.