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Professional IT Services
Real Service, Real Fast!

We service ALL makes and models - even Apple!
Most repairs are complete within 48 hours. Many even sooner!

We offer both shop and in-home service.
If we can't fix it, we do not charge. 
We do not have an analysis fee.
We service residential, all forms of business and non-profits!

On a yearly basis we donate thousands of dollars in both parts and reduced billable time to many of our hard working local non-profit organizations so that they may better deliver their programs. Know a non-profit that could use some help? Let us know! We often have equipment waiting to be donated.

Our in-home and on-site rate is $80/h
Our Shop & Remote Service rate is $60/h

We service Southern New Brunswick and more!

Northern New Brunswick? PEI? Cape Breton? All of Nova Scotia?
Yep, we've gone the distance for our clients.

Jonathan Gallant
PC Rescue
Owner & Operator