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Who is PC Rescue?

My name is Jonathan Gallant and I created PC Rescue because I care about people, businesses and their computer experiences. In May of 2006, I completed my BBA at UNB in Saint John with a Major in Electronic Commerce. Before returning to university as a mature student, I worked for UNB as an onsite computer / network technician and web developer. I also was a Systems Manager for the Atlantic Heath Sciences Corporation covering desktop, printer and system migrations for thousands of computer configurations. My experiences in life and the field are vast, which I leverage every day to help my customers achieve a solution that works best for them.

Too often, people purchase new systems that do not perform due to substandard hardware, software and maintenance.

Our goal is to make using your computer enjoyable and productive through optimizing its speed and reliability through best of breed applications and education to the end user to help protect them from the abundant malicious software on today’s Internet.

We take pride in our work and stand by our products and solutions.

We also offer a large array of other services to help save you time and money. For any business, time wasted configuring technology is money wasted. We can do it right and do it in a timely manner. Certified high speed networks, wireless networks, spam control, training, consulting, purchase advice, data backups and recovery, content filtering for children and even basic telephone repair!

We also understand that in today’s fast paced world, there is always someone working at 3am. As luck would have it for some of us, that would be the time for something to go wrong. PC Rescue will answer your call in your time of need.